ACCS (ST1-3) & Speciality Registrars ST4-6


We have one ACCS trainee on our SHO-tier rota, and educational approval for up to 2 Higher Specialty Trainees

Supportive, fun, and room to grow....

We are part of the Welsh Deanery rotation for both basic EM specialty training (ACCS), EM CT/ST3 (in partnership with Alder Hey in Liverpool) and Higher Specialist training. We have also hosted a military ST4 trainee, which was very successful.

Our ACCS CT/ST1-2 trainees benefit from the protection of being on an SHO-tier rota with plenty of support from consultants and our excellent middle-grades, whilst having opportunities to start exercising middle-grade wings with a carefully graduated exposure to teaching (medical students etc) and leading the resus room team.

Our first ACCS EM/PEM CT/ST3 trainees started in August 2015. They have a hybrid rota providing a carefully-graded and well supported introduction to the middle-grade role and to maximise exposure to paediatric cases, and also rotate through Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool and spend a few weeks with the Paediatric retrieval service.

Our Specialty Registrars benefit from a tailored programme suited to their stage of training: an ST4, new to the middle-grade role, will spend more time on the shop floor, but with plenty of face-to-face time with a supervising consultant in order to organically start to gain an appreciation of management topics, and begin the process of morphing into a senior, reflective thinking physician.

By the time ST6 comes around, these senior trainees will be working for the FRCEM and/or preparing for their first consultant post, and our policy of treating our StR/SpR as supernumerary as possible means that we can use an apprentice model, gradually increasing responsibility and allowing the trainee to be stretched whilst always being appropriately supported. Our ST6s are very much “apprentice consultants” and we try to have them sharing offices with consultants.

If you’re interested in being an EM trainee in Wales, do get in touch. You can request to come to Bangor (or, if you have been plonked here and aren’t too sure about leaving Cardiff/Swansea, cheer yourself up by finding out more about life in the North West of Wales!) or if you belong to another deanery and want to spend a year of your Higher Specialty Training in our rural ED, discuss with us about OOPT - we often have a spare educationally-approved slot as we only ever have one registrar from the Wales rotation.

Next potential availability for an OOPT ST4-6 is Feb 2018 (subject to deanery approval etc etc).

Thinking of applying for partial-OOPT approval for a Clinical Fellow post? Don’t!

Our Clinical Fellow posts are designed as the perfect year out of training, and the two Fellows who have tried it and gained 50% OOPT recognition found the keeping-up-with-ST4-stuff stressful (and missed out on some of the fun the other Fellows were able to have).

Secondly, our existing Wales Deanery - and any visiting “100% OOPT” ST4-6s - plus our ST3, bring us up to our limit for hosting deanery trainees in the later years of training.

For these reasons, since Feb 2017 onwards, we do not allow our Clinical Fellows to try to count part of their post as OOPT. It doesn’t work well for anyone and there’s a high risk of spoiling the best bits of a Clinical Fellow year in Bangor.

If you’d like to come to Bangor ED as an ST4-6 on “full OOPT”, contact us. You’d need to compete for a Clinical Fellow “slot” (as that’s where the salary money comes from!) but the full OOPT ST4-6 posts are identical to our Wales deanery posts... there’s no playtime, but you get the same benefits of a flexible rota.