Ysbyty Gwynedd Emergency Department


In a nutshell:

  1.     FRIENDLY....

  2.     BUSY....

  3.     PLENTY OF TRAUMA...


The hospital

Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor is one of the three DGHs of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, which encompasses both primary & secondary healthcare across the whole of North Wales.

Our hospital has a huge catchment area consisting of most of Snowdonia National Park, Anglesey, Gwynedd down to Dolgallau/Barmouth, the LLyn Peninsula, and east as far as Conwy. 

YG Emergency Department sees about 53k patients/year, but because of the massive influx of tourists the daily attendance figures vary from under 100 to over 200....quite a challenge for staffing and space! Our major rebuild/extension is approaching the half-way mark - we are looking forward to it being over!

Our case-mix is unusual in that we see proportionately much more major trauma than most units our size... probably due to the combination of mountains and motorbikes! With our location (100 miles by road from our tertiary centre, and a mountain range in the way if going by air) only fair-weather daylight major trauma bypasses us to go directly to a Regional Trauma Centre, so we still get the vast majority of major trauma from our patch, especially at night and in bad weather!

Of course, just like every other UK ED, we see plenty of acute medicine, paediatrics, and a truly astonishing minor injuries workload in holiday periods, the brunt of which is (thankfully!) borne by a band of truly wonderful ENPs.

Our current medical staffing levels (Autumn 2017):

7 x Consultants (one on secondment)

2 x Associate Specialists on senior tier

1 x ST5 (Welsh Deanery, LTFT 70%)

1 x ST4 (Yorkshire Deanery on 100% OOPT)

11 x post-ACCS Clinical Fellows

1 x EM CT/ST3

3 x F2

3 x GPST


1 x Junior Clinical Fellow (formerly Trust SHO)

1 x Academic F2

We have a few additional middle-grade sessions at peak times and weekends. Plus, of course, those wonderful ENPs.

We finally got access 24/7 PPCI only recently, spelling the end of routine thrombolysis of our STEMI patients. We do also thrombolyse stroke patients, utilising a telemedicine out-of-hours. ED ultrasound is well established. 

NHS Wales is run separately from NHS England (Health is devolved to the Welsh Government) and has different strengths and weaknesses compared to NHS England. The headline bonuses are that the current Westminster government proposals for NHS reform don’t apply here, there are no foundation trusts, and we don’t have Payment By Results either. Oh yes and mustn’t forget to mention that parking at hospitals and prescriptions are free...and we are a #HuntFreeZone.

We have excellent relations with our GP OOH colleagues, who are currently co-located adjacent to the ED. Our long term goal is to integrate the services and provide a “one stop emergency care shop” with patients seen by clinicians who have the appropriate skills to sort out their problem, regardless of job title.

Living and working in a rural/semi-rural area does have some unique challenges, opportunities and difficulties. We’ve done a page specifically on this, particularly for doctors who are considering joining us. CLICK HERE for more on life in a rural ED!

We do occasionally appear on the television - click here to find out what we might be on!


The summit of Snowdon on a sunny summer day at the end of a fell race.... hoardes of people.

And a source of dozens of patients for our ED each year! About 100-120 casualties per year are brought to us by SAR Helicopter and/or MRT, and plenty more self-present.

Millions of people visit Snowdonia National Park each year... and we provide their emergency care during their visit!

A guide to our Emergency Department, for those who might be interested in joining our team (or who are just curious!)

Did you know?
“Ysbyty” - pronounced “uss-butty” 
just means “hospital” in Welsh