Six months or twelve??


things to bear in mind....

We originally designed these Clinical fellow posts as strictly 12-month posts, intended demonstrate a years’ worth of PHEM experience in your personal log book in preparation for the DipIMC, and to make the most of the wealth of potential CV-enhancing projects we will be helping our Clinical Fellows bring to fruition. Plus, many in-hospital/research projects are difficult to complete in only 6 months.

However, we have been asked repeatedly whether we will consider offering 6-month posts, especially by EM trainees returning from jobs in Australia and NZ in January who are looking for a post Feb-July, but also from individuals keen to come to Bangor but who don’t think living apart from their partner/spouse for a full year is logistically possible or sensible.

So, we have introduced the option of 6-month posts, but there’s no doubt that this accelerated programme is a compromise.

So far, every Clinical Fellow who has come for 6 months and wasn’t committed to another post immediately afterwards has extended, some up to 18 months. You just can’t get the very best out of the post in only 6 months, although you can still have a lot of fun and a highly productive time.  

If a six-month post may appeal to you, you need to weigh up the following:

  1.     This option is only open to EM trainees who have completed ACCS (EM) and are MRCEM +ve - we can’t offer it to career anaesthetists (who inevitably have to spend a couple of months getting back up to speed in EM when they first arrive) unless they have more than the standard ACCS 6/12 EM experience, usually 10 months’ prior EM experience is the absolute minimum.

  1.     In a 6/12 post, you really only get a taster of your chosen “playtime”. If that’s PHEM - 4.5 weeks on the 13-session job plan (although you could extend this to 5.5 weeks using your study leave allowance). This is enough to find out if you like it and get to grips with working outside the hospital to a certain extent, but you won’t gain the easy confidence that comes with double the exposure, as your time will be up whilst you are still on the steep part of your learning curve.

  1.      There are no EMRTS shifts included in our 6-month posts (sorry), so all PHEM will be ground-based, except possible one shift.

  1.     We sadly can’t pay for the PHEC (or any other extra, expensive PHEM course) or the full cost of a PGCertMedEd for Clinical fellows only staying 6/12 (although you could take some study leave or self-fund) whereas we guarantee this, over and above study leave, for CFs staying 12/12.

  1. If you’re coming for MedEd, the bulk of the formal student teaching opportunities are September-March inclusive.

  1. Year One of the Global EM and Mountain Medicine posts cannot be undertaken as 6-month posts. If you already hold the relevant diploma (DipTH&H or DipMM respectively) then direct entry into the second year can be considered. 


  1.     With a fair bit of effort you can still achieve CV-enhancing activities in a 6-month post, you just need to pick them carefully and make sure you don’t drop your spinning plates!

  1.     Six months is long enough to get a decent range of experience of rural EM, and a good taster of your chosen playtime... and if that’s PHEM, you’d certainly get enough to decide if PHEM is something you wish to pursue or not!

  1. And we’re pretty flexible.... if you are post ACCS-EM we would happily take you for anywhere between 6 and 12 months if that suited your plans better (but please note that EMRTS shifts are only included in minimum 12-month PHEM-only posts).

  1. We strongly prefer August/Feb starts but again, we may have some flexibility with this depending upon who wants to stay longer after their August-August post!

  1. Split posts are possible (e.g. 6 months, then head off to NZ or whatever, then return for your second six months)