Global EM Clinical Fellow option

  1. One of our new-for-2018 posts.

  2. Designed primarily as a two-year post - hence initial contract one year, extendible to two by mutual agreement.

  3. We have external mentors with established Global EM expertise to support your ambitions in this area

  4. Year One includes a funded Diploma in Tropical Health & Hygiene course (distance learning, University of Glasgow), and a 2-week placement in an LMI country, which for most MRCEM +ve Fellows this will be an expenses-paid teaching trip to India (in conjunction with Dr Shweta Gadwani of Chelsea & Westminster ED). Remaining “playtime” is MedEd.

  5. Year Two - which need not be consecutive with Year One - includes 4 weeks of paid leave to undertake a placement in a LMI setting, although you’ll have to fund the actual trip yourself.

  6. We are setting up links to a busy ED in South Africa; our hospital has links with a very rural health service in Lesotho, but we can connect you with many other opportunities and Fellows are welcome to propose their own alternative.

  7. Please read the unofficial #NotTheJobDescription carefully for this post, and in particular note the advice about the resilience and determination that will be needed to undertake this programme...

  8. Of note, Year One must not be attempted on any more than 10 or (at the most) 11 sessions, you’ll kill yourself on any more - the 7-month diploma course packs in the same as the solid 3-month full time courses in Liverpool and London. On 10 sessions, we can juggle the rota around so you work nearer 12/13 sessions before and after the diploma months, and nearer 8/9 sessions per week during the diploma months, which is far more realistic. 

  9. NB - for non-EU post-holders, we will pay DipTM&H course fees at Glasgow uni up to the level of fees paid by UK/EU students.



F2 doctor dressed as a caveman. In the ED. For real. Actually, he was modelling for a conference poster (see “Stuck in the Stone Age” in our poster section) but we suspect this may be classed as an unusual sight for an ED.


Consultant Linda teaching a Clinical Fellow (who says he wishes to remain anonymous - black bars work so well don’t you think?!)  the Captain Morgan technique for reducing dislocated hip prostheses.

We even have protocols featuring pooping cows!