Mountain Medicine

Clinical Fellow option

  1. One of our new-for-2018 posts.

  2. Designed primarily as a two-year post (though you can do just one year)

  3. Designed as a 1-2 year programme (initial appointment 12 months, extendable by mutual consent)

  4. We’ll pay the course fees for the FPHC Diploma in Mountain Medicine (50% if you stay one year and 100% if you stay 2 years) plus the time for the DipMM modules.

  5. In Year One we give you two weeks of dedicated time to maintain and utilise the Bangor Mountain Medicine database (you’ll be expected to use some your SPA time for this, too). You’ll be involved in the first-aid training/assessment of Mountain Rescue volunteers (please note, these are fixed dates and you will be expected to accomodate them in your leave plans) and the balance of your playtime in Year One will be MedEd in our ED.  

  6. In Year Two (optional) you’ll have the time for any remaining modules, the same two weeks on the database, and with the remaining “playtime”, there’s your choice of PHEM (NB unlikely to include EMRTS shifts), MedEd, or management/QI. 

  7. You need to be an experienced mountaineer for this CF post, assuming you want to do the DipMM - check out the information page on the FPHC website.

  8. If you aren’t a mountain bunny, we could devise a research-based + MedEd variant.

  9. NB - for non-EU post-holders, we will pay DipMM course fees up to the level of fees paid by UK/EU students.



F2 doctor dressed as a caveman. In the ED. For real. Actually, he was modelling for a conference poster (see “Stuck in the Stone Age” in our poster section) but we suspect this may be classed as an unusual sight for an ED.


Consultant Linda teaching a Clinical Fellow (who says he wishes to remain anonymous - black bars work so well don’t you think?!)  the Captain Morgan technique for reducing dislocated hip prostheses.

We even have protocols featuring pooping cows!