Clinical Fellows & Search and rescue


We had a very close relationship with our local SAR flight at RAF Valley for many years - supporting their medical training, hosting winchmen on placements in the ED etc etc, and all of our Clinical Fellows manage to get a shift or two flying with the RAF during their time with us.

Times move on, however: since 1st July 2015 the RAF Sea Kings at Valley are no more and our local SAR base is now provided by the MCA, run by Bristow in Caernarfon (right next door to the Welsh Air Ambulance).

Our close relationship with the local SAR flight has changed, although the ED consultant who runs the Clinical Fellow scheme, Dr Linda Dykes, is the “base doctor” for the MCA Caernarfon base. Sadly, for now at least, we do not anticipate that we will have the opportunity for ED doctors to go flying with the Bristows team in their lovely shiny new red and white S92 aircraft.  

There will also be somewhat fewer opportunities for Clinical Fellows to become involved in paramedic training, as many of the Bristow winchmen are already qualified paramedics (whereas we used to have access to teaching opportunities for a constant stream of military SAR rearcrew!). However - there should be continuing opportunities to a slightly different group of paramedic students.

In the meantime, check out the Mountain Medicine Bangor page, or join us on Facebook (Mountain Medicine Bangor)


OK, let’s face it. This what we’re famous for. And there’s a reason that our corridors are lined with conference posters featuring the famous yellow RAF Search & Rescue sea king helicopters....