Clinical Fellow posts for Anaesthetic trainees


I’ve done ACCS (Anaesthetics) - am I eligible?

Six month posts

  1.     We’re sorry, but we can’t accept applicants from anaesthetic trainees for 6 month posts (unless you have additional EM experience over and above the 6/12 in ACCS)

12 month posts

  1.     You must have 5 years post-graduation experience by the time of starting the post (for PHEM posts - we’d consider you post-ST2 for MedEd or Management/QI) and have successfully completed ACCS (anaesthetics) including the Primary FRCA. We had many anaesthetic-based Clinical Fellows since the inception of the scheme and they have all performed brilliantly, it only took us a month or two to get them out of thinking like the Gas Board!

Check out the Person Specification page.

I’m a pure anaesthetist - haven’t done ACCS and have never done any Em. Now I fancy doing some PHEM later... I need some EM... Any ideas?

It has dawned on us that some anaesthetic trainees who opted not to do ACCS are now kicking themselves, as they’ll need some EM to consider a move into PHEM.

If this is you, we might be able to help... we sometimes have an SHO-tier standalone “F3” (Junior Clinical Fellow) post that we can use to provide an introduction to EM for pure anaesthetists (by which we mean non-ACCS anaesthetists, not virgins!) and piggy-back a 6 or 12 month Clinical fellow post onto this..... we call this the “Gateway to PHEM” package. Please note, if you want to include EMRTS shifts, you’d need to spend 12 months as a Clinical Fellow, as sadly from August 2018 we can no longer include EMRTS shifts with 6-month Fellow posts. 

When available (you’d need to be interviewed with both posts in mind) the SHO-tier posts are demonstrably identical to our educationally-approved SHO-tier posts occupied by ACCS, GPST trainees and F2s, so we anticipate they will meet the criteria for PHEM sub-speciality training which is “6/12 EM in educationally approved post at CT1, or equivalent”. However, please do discuss with the TPD of the deanery you would plan to undertake your PHEM sub-speciality training, as some TPDs may be more draconian than others. 

Also bear in mind there’s now (or will be soon!) a requirements for PHEM sub-specialty trainees to have done 6/12 AM too. We can probably help if this applies to you...!

There isn’t any PHEM time in the SHO-tier part of the post, although if you’ve committed to staying at least 12 months you could use your study leave to do the PHEC course, and we can arrange “taster days” as an observer with Welsh Ambulance to whet your appetite for the fun to come.

If you wanted to do 12 months at SHO tier (we’d recommend 6/12 EM and 6/12 Paeds or Acute Medicine in that case, which we might be able to help arrange) then you could apply to start after completion of CT2 anaesthetics ... this might well be attractive to any pure anaesthetists who have seen the light and want to jump ship back to EM as a career, as it should leave you eligible for entry into ST3 or even ST4 EM via the DRE-EM scheme if you got the MRCEM too.