Clinical Fellow posts FOR OVERSEAS DOCTORS


We have welcomed Clinical Fellows from Holland and are very happy to consider applicants from countries outside the UK, although we could only handle a small number of Fellows ata time for whom Bangor would be their first NHS post.

Things that overseas applicants need to be aware of:

Person specification

All applicants for our Clinical Fellow posts must be at least five years post graduation and have demonstrable experience equivalent to the broad-based UK Acute Core Common Stem programme, so you will need at least 6 months of EM experience, plus evidence of time spent training in anaesthetics, ICM, acute medicine and any other acute specialties.

Countries where postgraduate examinations are not part of the medical training system are not required to sit them to be eligible for our posts, but you must have passed your local equivalent assessments.

Approved Practice Settings (APS)

Bangor ED is a GMC Approved Practice Setting, but the PHEM component of the Clinical Fellow posts takes place primarily with the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust, which is not currently a GMC APS.

This used to pose a problem for non-UK graduates (unless they are eligible for the Specialist Register or are qualifed GPs from within the EU) as new entrants onto the GMC register from outside the UK are not allowed to have the requirement for working in an Approved Practice Setting lifted until their first revalidation (i.e. after 5 years).

However, since mid-2014 our Medical Director can allow BCUHB doctors with an APS requirement to undertake work outside an APS subject to satisfactory performance in the Approved Practice Setting of Ysbyty Gwynedd and Bangor ED.

European post-residency opportunities?

Now that we have a much larger middle-grade tier, we are better able to consider supporting doctors without prior UK EM experience into the team and our first Dutch EM specialist arrived at the start of 2017, from Holland. He clearly loves it - he’s extending his stay! We were considering introducing a scheme for a post-residency Fellowship for European EM doctors, but have suspended work on this until we know whether the UK is remaining within the EU or not.

Non-EU candidates

  1. 1)if you are a non-European candidates, visa eligibility may be an issue, as for the past few years posts have been oversubscribed with UK/EU applicants. Nevertheless, if you’re interested do get in touch - we love a cunning plan!

  2. 2)If you are considering the MedEd posts, we will only pay the course fees for the PGCertMedEd up to the level charged for UK/EU students. The cost for non-EU applicants is considerably more.