These unique posts designed are primarily designed for post-ACCS doctors, but we do sometimes have more senior trainees on OOPE too, and occasionally European or Australian EM trainees or specialists.

Our original CF post was the PHEM post, for doctors wishing to make a start on (or consolidate) their PHEM experience: 20% of the job plan consisted of PHEM, PHEM-related activities, and paid SPA time. To provide more of a choice, we then added three other varieties of CF post: instead of PHEM, you can opt to do Medical Education (can include Simulation), Management/QI for the budding medical directors or medico-politicians, Acute Geriatrics including “Hospital at Home” and really learn how to keep people out of hospital... or you can mix & match! Depending on funding at the time, there may also be the opportunity to spend 4 months (or even a whole year) in the civilised environment of Community COTE (subject to space being available).

Read more in our hugely comprehensive #NotTheOfficialJobDescription and in the website section here.

By coming to Bangor you can take a break from the hamster-wheel of ST training: commence your middle-grade career in a friendly, small ED, and remind yourself why you were attracted to Emergency Medicine in the first place, whilst also enhancing your CV. 12-months recommended (many extend to stay longer), and we can do a 6-month option for post-ACCS EM trainees (or others with at least 10/12 prior EM). 

Everything you want to know about the Clinical Fellow posts...


The original description of the Clinical Fellow posts (PHEM option)

Why do PHEM here?

Why a Bangor Clinical Fellowship is the perfect start to your PHEM career

MedEd posts

Read more about the programme on offer, including a fully funded PGCert MedEd

Mgt/QI option

Flexible, tailor-made, and perfect for FRCEM prep

The COTE option

Spend 4 months (or even a whole year) enjoying the change of pace in Community COTE on Anglesey (there are also opportunities to gain experience in our new Frailty Unit in the hospital).

6 or 12 months

We really recommend our Fellows stay for 12 months (many extend to stay longer) but we know that isn’t feasible for everyone. If you’re an EM trainee, or have at least 10 months’ previous EM experience at SHO level or above, we can consider shorter posts, but there are drawbacks to be considered. Here’s the lowdown.

The CV enhancing stuff Updated 23rd Nov 2017

Our Fellow posts aren’t just about the playtime. We take preparing you for the next stage of your career very seriously, with an integrated assessment & personal development “grid” system to help structure meetings with your educational supervisor. Here’s a taste of the activities on offer.

Rota and pay Updated 23rd Nov 2017

Our goal is to offer a fair deal when it comes to pay, and a rota that is compatible with a decent work-life balance. We think you’ll like it.

Job Description & Person Specification

The official Job Description and Person Specification will be available from the NHS Jobs page when the posts are advertised. However, you’ll find an unofficial, extremely comprehensive guide to the Clinical Fellow posts here - it was deemed insufficiently corporate to be the official JD. We are not kidding. 

I’m an anaesthetic trainee: am I eligible?

Post-ACCS anaesthetists are very welcome, but if you want to do the PHEM option, you need to be at least five years post-graduation, so that’s usually after CT3. If you’re a pure anaesthetist, it’s a bit more complicated - you’re unlikely to be able to go straight into an EM middle grade role without significant prior EM experience - but here are some ideas how we might be able to help.

I’m an ACCS AM trainee: am I eligible?

Post-ACCS anaesthetists are very welcome, but if you want to do the PHEM option, you need to be at least five years post-graduation, so that’s usually after CT3. We can sometimes offer a 6-month SHO-tier post first you need a boost of EM before taking the plunge on the middle grade rota. Read more here!

I’m an EM trainee: what can you offer me?

If you’re an EM trainee, you should be the perfect fit... 

I’m an overseas doctor: am I eligible?

Occupational Health Requirements (PHEM posts)

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete, but there are some specific issues to consider for the PHEM posts: you can’t fly if you’re seriously overweight, and pregnancy precludes any front-line PHEM work. Essential information, without the PC wrapper!

Do the PHEM posts include helicopter shifts?

Yup! Read more here. We won’t make you fly if you don’t want to, or you may try it and hate it, but for most our our PHEM Fellows, Helimed shifts are a highlight of the post.

I’m interested in doing at least 4 months in Community COTE: tell me about it!

A brief overview of our exciting new option... as tested by our consultant Linda, you can read her blog here.

Everything you want to know about Bangor ED

& living/working in North Wales

Living in North West Wales

Life with Snowdonia on the doorstep - it’s fantastic!

Leisure Activities in North West Wales

What to do when off duty - many of our Fellows scamper off up Snowdon before late shifts and other such activities!

Life in Bangor ED

The playtime options are important, but the posts are still 80% in the ED - learn more about the ED itself

Rural EM for the uninitiated PAGE WILL BE UPDATED IMMINENTLY

What’s different and why it’s fun!

Bangor ED and Search & Rescue

What’s changed since the RAF handed over?

Next opportunity to apply will be in early 2018

We overflowed with Clinical Fellows in the academic year 2016/17 and, whilst all our funded posts are also bursting at the seams for 2017/18, we’ll be running a recruitment round in early 2018 for starts in August 2018 and Feb 2019, with options to defer starts to August 2019 for exceptional candidates.

We’re gradually updating this section of the website, but the latest job information document is the most up to date source of information.

Visitors are always welcome to come along, have a chat, see if our posts match your dreams and career plans (as well as your life plans!) and have a look at the area: we really do like to meet potential applicants beforehand for this reason. We’re also available via social media: Clinical Fellow Programme Director Linda Dykes is @mmbangor on Twitter and checks it far too frequently, or you can email her here.

Everything you need to know about the famous Bangor ED Clinical Fellow posts , right here at your fingertips...

2012/14 Clinical Fellow Jen Dinsdale pictured on a day out at RAF Valley. Jen returned to us in 2016 as an EM ST5

The iconic yellow Sea Kings of RAF Valley served Snowdonia for decades. Here’s one on our Helipad, just behind the ED.