Consultant posts in Bangor ED

(with option of PHEM sessions)


We have no consultant vacancies at present, although we think the time is almost ripe to try to achieve the step-up to RCEM’s recommendation of 10 WTE for a small DGH, so do please get in touch if you are interested... it’s always much easier to argue for new posts to be created when there’s a quality applicant waiting!

We’d announce any on Twitter - follow @YGEDBangor or @DrLindaDykes or @HelenSalter5

Key Features

  1. Civilised 1:7+ rota (our hugely capable Associate Specialists are on the senior rota)

  1. Like all consultant appointments, the posts are based on 10 PA/week, but the current standard rota is an 11 PA/4-day week (although now many people are on the “standard” rota any more, we have consultants on anything from 8 to 11 sessions). Scheduled out-of-hours (till 8pm on weekdays, and 5 hours each day at weekends, but as soon as manpower is sufficient this will be extended until at least 10pm weekdays and 8 hours at weekends) is currently remunerated at double time, which is better than the standard English time-and-a-third (although all PAs over 10 are “voluntary and temporary”).

  1. Colleagues who wish to work less than full time, or combine EM with sessions elsewhere in the health board, are very welcome!

  1. Fun colleagues - this is a department that works hard and plays hard.

  1. 3 SPA/week is standard in Wales for substantive appointment - although the 3rd SPA has to be justified - and provides us with the flexibility to potentially offer a new colleague the opportunity to spend a day a week (either 2 x SPA, or 1 x SPA and 1 x DCC depending on what you want to do!) undertaking a specialist interest that will benefit the local EM service.

  1. Option of PHEM sessions with EMRTS Wales for those with suitable experience and training (NB - EMRTS sessions are subject to an additional and separate selection process)

  1. An amazing quality of life, especially for lovers of outdoor pursuits.


Although we don’t have any posts immediately available, it’s always much easier to get a business case for added numbers through if we know there’s a good candidate interested. If you think you might want to join our team in the next 12 months or so, do drop us a line by email or pick up the phone... 01248 384511 is a direct line for Rob Perry (ED Lead Clinician), or our secretaries are on 01248 384003 and know how to find us!

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