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ED doctors enjoying a day out with the RAF: even though RAF SAR has sadly now closed at RAF Valley, we have many other activity opportunities available to Emergency Physicians working in Bangor ED

What’s working in Bangor like?

Emergency Medicine in Bangor is a bit different.

For a start, it’s friendly. And we believe absolutely that it is OK to have a laugh at work, whilst also striving to provide excellent patient care, being very committed to medical education, and being great colleagues to each other and our medical and paramedical workmates. 

Our colleagues are our friends. And sometimes our friends are our patients: this is a small community and it is inevitable that you end up looking after people you know. In terms of feeling like a valued member of the community, there’s nothing like it.

Our case-mix is fantastic - we’re 100 miles from tertiary services... very little bypasses us. We have to sort out most of our own major trauma out initially (we only lose daytime-in-good-weather major trauma patients to EMRTS who are able to fly direct to our MTC in Stoke), and we also thrombolyse strokes in the ED.

And then, of course, there’s the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.... if you like hill-walking, climbing, sailing, mountain-biking, horse-riding, kite-surfing, it’s all on the doorstep. House prices are reasonable. And the lack of crime and pollution is refreshing: it’s agreat place to bring up kids.

Because of our expanding consultant team, and our Clinical Fellow programme (our middle grades are all fixed term appointments, mainly of 12 months) job opportunities arise regularly here - it isn’t “dead mans shoes” - so please feel free to get in touch. 

We are quite happy to chat to doctors who might be interested in working with us in a year or two’s time. In fact hat’s often a minimum - it is now normal for us to have identified future colleagues at both middle-grade and consultant tier 2-4 year ahead of time!

Shortcuts to post information

Consultant posts

(Senior) Clinical Fellow Posts: post-ACCS, middle grade posts with 20% PHEM, MedEd or Management/QI. Our comprehensive information centre!

Specialty Doctor (Staff Grade) Posts

Junior tier posts (“F3” posts - formerly called “Junior Clinical Fellows”)

Specialty Registrars (ACCS CT1/2, EM CT/ST3 & ST4-6)

Shortcuts to information

More about the ED:

information on our workload, case-mix, staffing and the hospital itself

Life in a rural ED:

with most doctors now being mainly trained in cities, you may never have thought of the experiences you are missing out on! read more about the fun of rural Emergency Medicine.

Interested in PHEM?:

Bangor is the perfect place to start your PHEM career via our Clinical Fellow posts. Or, for consultants with an established PHEM interest, there are opportunities for NHS-funded PHEM/Retrieval sessions on the Welsh EMRTS service, currently flying out of Welshpool for North Wales.

Life in North Wales:

if quality of life is important to you - and it should be! - check out our page on living in North Wales. We’re rural enough to enjoy rural benefits, but not completely out in the sticks (unles you choose to be, incwhich case there’a a wide variety of mountains and isolated beachers where budding hermits can live).

Leisure Activities:

if you want to live here, you probably have some interest in the outdoor playground that is Snowdonia and Anglesey! Our guide to what’s on offer.