Leisure activities in the area


Snowdonia & Anglesey are a playground for outdoor pursuits.

Here’s some of what’s on offer in Gwynedd & Anglesey,

(with web links to where you can learn if you’ve never done it before!)

What have we forgotten?

Please email and tell us!

  1. Bullet   ROCK CLIMBING & SCrambling (and occasionally ice climbing...)

  1. Bullet  HILL WALKING

Of course, there’s indoor stuff too!

If you’re not a mountain bunny, don’t panic.... there’s plenty to keep you amused - we just don’t have many pics of the non-outdoorsy things to do! As well as some a handful of really super restaurants there are plenty of good pubs, an arts centre in Caernarfon, a shiny new one on Bangor (the Pontio Centre) and both a theatre and multiplex cinema in Llandudno, just along the A55.

And for history buffs, we have everything from pre-historic stone circles to spectacular castles (e.g. Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Conwy) and historic houses and gardens (e.g. Plas Newydd, Penrhyn Castle, and Portmeirion).

And if you’re a Royal buff - what more can we say?  If living here is good enough for Wills and Kate..... and yes, they really did used to get seen out and about, before they moved back to London in September 2013. And yes, we did used to meet William when we went flying with the RAF, and yes, he is a very nice chap! 

COST  £ - ££  ☆ ☆

Adrenaline kick  Moderate to High ☆ ☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in  the ED  Medium ☆ ☆ ☆

Fancy trying it?

The National Mountain Centre, Plas y Brenin, is at Capel Curig only 25 minutes from the hospital.

COST  £   ☆

Adrenaline kick  LOW to moderate ☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in the ED   Low☆ 

Fancy trying it?

The National Mountain Centre, Plas y Brenin, is at Capel Curig only 25 minutes from the hospital.

COST  ££☆ ☆

Adrenaline kick    High ☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in the ED    Low

Fancy trying it? The beautiful and famous beach of Rhosneigr on Anglesey - famous for its kitesurfing opportunities -  is only 25 minutes from the hospital. Check out FKS kitesurfing school. They do surfing lessons, too.

COST    ££ (Lessons) - £££/££££ (own horse)

Adrenaline kick    Moderate to High  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in ED   Moderate to High  ☆ ☆ ☆

The Anglesey Riding Centre (Tal y Foel) offers the nicest riding school facilities in the area, plus hacks on tracks and beach rides.  Dawn Patrick offers bespoke livery on Anglesey, 15 minutes from the hospital.

COST   ££ (Dinghy)  - ££££  (Yacht)

Adrenaline kick    Low to High☆ ☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in ED  ☆ Low

Plas Menai - the national watersports centre - is only about 5 minutes from the hospital. They do RYA courses in dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and powerboating. And in case you’re wondering, yes, we do occasionally see dolphins in the area!


remarkably difficult to find out - NOBODY WILL TELL US!

Adrenaline kick  

Very high (we assume)

Likelihood of ending up in ED   ha ha ha ha ha

We may be slightly eccentric in our ED, but we’re not completely mad, hence we couldn’t actually find anyone who would fess up to actually going paragliding. But if you fancy trying it, Snowdon Gliders do lessons and sell kit!

Could anyone who’s into Coasteering/ gorge scrambling and things of that ilk please help us out here?

What star ratings should we give it?!

If you’d like to give it a whirl without knowing the Super-dooper Bangor ED thrill-versus-risk score, check out Up 4 It Outdoors who can introduce you to the sport (and several others besides!)

Email Linda if you can help us fill this section in!

There’s plenty of opportunities for kayaking in North Wales: both on the coastline (especially around Anglesey) and on various lakes, Llyn Padarn in Llanberis being particularly popular.

The bottom two photos here were taken by Claire Bishop,  a former ED trainee, from “The Swellies” in the Menai Straits.  Bottom left is the Britannia Bridge, bottom right the Menai bridge, both of which link the Isle of Anglesey to the mainland.

COST  ££☆

Adrenaline kick    Moderate to high ☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in ED    Low  ☆

Plas Menai - the national watersports centre - is only about 5 minutes from the hospital. They do RYA courses in dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and powerboating. And in case you’re wondering, yes, we do occasionally see dolphins in the area!

We were contacted by Joe Patton of Bangor University, who pointed out that we’d forgotten to include Golf on this web-page!

Joe kindly supplied us with this photo of Harlech Golf Course (right) and says there are championship-rated gold courses at Caernarfon, Conwy, Morfa Nefyn and Harlech (which is rated in the top 40 golf courses in the UK).

Many thanks for the info, Joe!

COST    ££ - £££☆

Adrenaline kick    Low☆

Likelihood of ending up in ED    Very low

Caernarfon - www.caernarfongolfclub.co.uk

Conwy - www.conwygolfclub.com

Morfa Nefyn - www.nefyn-golf-club.co.uk

Harlech - www.royalstdavids.co.uk

  1. Bullet   Mountain Biking

COST  ££ - £££ ☆

Adrenaline kick  Moderate to high☆ ☆

Likelihood of ending up in the ED    Low to moderate☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Snowdonia’s a bit of a mecca for mountain bikers of all levels - from beginners (Plas Y Brenin do courses for all levels in mountain biking, along with just about every other mountain pursuit you can think of!) to complete mountain-biking nut-heads. As well as the mountains, there are the forestry tracks in the hills near Betws y Coed. Just don’t hurtle into a tree in the forest. And please, please always wear a helmet! (and many thanks to one of our ED Sisters, Claire, for the photos!)

Mountain cliffs, sea cliffs.... climbing nutters are very, very well catered for in the Bangor area! The heart of Snowdonia’s climbing territory is 25 minutes in one direction from the hospital, and Gogarth (South Stack, Anglesey) 25 minutes in the other.

  1. Bullet   Kitesurfing

  1. Bullet   Horse Riding

North Wales is one of the least expensive parts of the UK to keep horses in. So whether you want to bring - or buy - a horse of your own, or want to learn to ride, this a great place to do it!

For the horse owner there are several thriving riding clubs offering a wide variety of unaffiliated competitions, with affiliated venues for both dressage and show jumping within an hours drive of Bangor. And we well as fabulous mountain, beach & forest riding, there are specially designed facilities such as Mostyn Farm Ride again about an hour away.

  1. Bullet   Sailing

  1. Bullet   Paragliding

  1. Bullet   COASTEERING

  1. Bullet   ScubA Diving

There’s plenty of keen divers in North West Wales: both the local coastline, the Menai Straits and Dorothea Quarry in Snowdonia are favourite dive spots... although Dorothea has a certain degree of notoriaty as potentially dangerous, and not recommended for inexperienced divers.

There’s a local Dive Club - North Wales Sub-Aqua Club - and one of our Charge Nurses is a keen diver and he’s always delighted to advise any ED colleagues wishing to take up diving.

  1. Bullet  Kayaking

  1. Bullet  Golf

  1. Bullet  Fishing

There are both sea and coarse-fishing enthusiasts in the area, but our resident Carp Fishing expert, Dr Simon Atkins, defected to Wrexham ED and we no longer have copies of Carp Times kicking round the ED. And to be honest none of the rest of the ED docs are the slightest bit interested in fishing so we can’t offer much information in this section, except that our pal Graham Owen in Beaumaris RNLI crew pointed us towards Beaumaris Marine Services, who offer both fishing trips and pleasure cruises!

The only thing the web page editor knows is that the guys sea-fishing from the beach are usually very unhappy when her naughty border terrier either tries to steal their catch or cocks his leg on their fishing tackle box!

  1. Bullet  Geocaching 

If you like the idea of the outdoors in principle, but walking bores you and extreme sports seem costly and dangerous, why not take up Geocaching?

This moderately geeky hobby (practised by two of our consultants! - [FFS don’t tell people that - we are trying to look cool - Ed] is essentially a treasure hunt for the gadget generation. The aim is to find ‘caches’ (hidden containers of different sizes and shapes) using a GPS or smartphone. They are often placed in good walking locations, so you get some exercise as a side-effect!

There are nearly 2 million caches placed worldwide – and North Wales is particularly rich in them. Startup costs are very low – the iPhone/Android App is about £6 and is all you need to get started.

Visit www.geocaching.com for more details.

COST  £ 

Adrenaline kick   Low☆

Likelihood of ending up in ED  very low

With Snowdonia on the doorstep, you can go round Llyn Idwal for a quick dog walk, or do Snowdon before a late shift...

If you enjoy spending time in beautiful scenery, you just can’t beat living here.

  1. Bullet  SURFING 

We are ashamed of ourselves but the omission of Surfing from the list of local activities has only just been pointed out to us as of May 2016 - and this website has been going since 2011.

There are lots of cool places to surf around here on beaches ... we have doctors who dash off to Hell’s Mouth in the Llyn early in the morning and get back in time for a middle shift - here’s a review of local surfing spots.

There’s also the fabulous new Surf Snowdonia centre... an artificial surf lagoon, so never again need lack of waves ruin your plans to surf!

COST  £ -££

Adrenaline kick   HIGH☆

Likelihood of ending up in ED  SEEMS LOW