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  1. Bullet October 26th 2011

Two events to report recently.... firstly, our department is going to be on the telly! Pictures coming soon on the page about Helicopter Rescue TV series!

Secondly, we had a fun night playing out with our Welsh Ambulance, Fire, and RAF MRT colleagues at an extrication training evening in Llandudno. We even took along with us an anaesthetist, Dr Will Sutcliffe, but he kinda belongs to the ED.... he used to be an ED doc when he was a baby F2 and he’s coming back to us again next year as one of our Clinical fellows from August 2012. So he hasn’t *fully* joined the Gas Board. Yet.

  1. BulletSeptember 22nd & 23rd 2011

Congratulations to two of our 2010/11 “doc-lings”, Helen Sharpe and Serena Burgess, who did a fabulous job at the CEM National Scientific Conference - Helen had a moderated poster and Serena a Free Paper. It is very daunting for anyone to present at a national conference, but these guys have only just qualified and Ysbyty Gywnedd ED is very, very proud of them!

All our eight posters from CEM 2011 can now be seen on the main Poster page. We’ve also got an archive of older posters.

  1. BulletSeptember 14th 2011

Rob Perry, one of our consultants, was 5th ranked “author of the week” on this week, go go go “docrob”!!!!

  1. Bullet September 9th 2011

And here its it - the last poster going to CEM 2011.

Many thanks to Mike Smith of Elanem!

  1. Bullet September 8th 2011

The “Stuck in the Stone Age” poster design is ready -

and we love it!!!

For sneak previews of our other poster designs going to

the September 2011 CEM Conference, click here.

  1. BulletAugust 30th 2011

The ED consultants are trying to decide whether this years end-of-summer grumpy wasps are more grumpy (or more numerous) than normal, or if the local population is more anxious about wasp stings than normal, but whichever it is we’re being over-run with patients complaining of wasp stings. So, the new Clinical Fellows have been tasked with preparing a press release to held educate the public about which wasp stings need medical attention (very few) and which can be managed at home (vast majority). And there’s an excellent leaflet on that we’d advise people to read if they’re not sure whether to come to the ED or not!

  1. Bullet August 25th 2011

Shennanigans on the Helicopter landing Site today: it’s the perfect backdrop for photos, so we have made a start on mugshots of the ED doctors! Click here to see the start of the long-awaited Rogues Gallery!

However, raising more eyebrows than boring mugshots was our F2-dressed-as-caveman, which caused much hilarity as we walked from the ED to the HLS!

We’re not quite sure whether dressing up as a caveman is part of the F2 contract, but our junior docs are a game bunch and Martin didn’t bat an eyelid when we asked him if he’d be willing to be photographed like this!

It’s for a poster called “Stuck in the Stone Age?” that is going to the CEM conference in September...!!!

And before you ask.... yes we did ask him if we could put the resulting pics on the website and are very grateful to him for kindly agreeing!

  1. Bullet  August 3rd 2011

WELCOME NEW ED DOCTORS!! and  good luck to our former docs who called in today to say goodbye before they leave for pastures new.... keep in touch!


Dr Bethan Owen again!
One of next years’ Clinical Fellows, Dr Will Sutcliffe
Final-year Medical Student, Laura-Beth Pilkington

ED Consultant, 
Dr Linda Dykes

Dr Bethan Owen, our first Clinical Fellow in EM/PHEM
Will Sutcliffe again.