News Archive - June/July 2011


  1. BulletJuly 29th 2011

Can’t believe it’s nearly changeover time, we’re saying goodbye to some fabulous docs next week, but there are some fabulous new ones coming, including a returning doc... it’s always so lovely to see our former F2 docs coming back as GP or ACCS trainees!

  1. BulletJuly 20th 2011

Congratulations to the successful candidates for the Clinical Fellow posts - you were fab - and good luck to the applicants for the Health Care Assistant posts! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the team!

  1. Bullet July 12th 2011

We ♡ our new hub! But we are struggling to think of a name for our new initial assessment area (2 bays) that should be ready next week.. any suggestions? We tried to make it iPad (Initial Patient Assessment Desk/Doc/Dock) or RATS (Rapid Assessment & Treatment Space) but there must be something more apt and yet witty out there..... 

  1. Bullet July 7th 2011

The ED consultants were very excited by the quality and number of applicants for the new Clinical Fellow posts - roll on the interviews for the shortlisted candidates!

  1. Bullet July 1st 2011

The ED Hub (see June 20th...) is up and running and it looks great! We finally look like something from this century, rather than the 1960s!  So it’s goodbye to the old office on Monday, which is being turned into a super new double-trolley fully monitored rapid assessment area. Though we haven’t decided what to call it yet - suggestions please... otherwise it may end up being the “Car Wash” - in homage to Dr John Hollingsworth at Aintree ED who had the SpRs in the early noughties running “Johnnies Carwash” in the triage area.....

  1. Bullet June 29th 2011

We’ve been fiddling with the “Leisure Time” section of the website.... we’re thinking of adding a section on good pubs, and also volunteering opportunities... what else would you like to see?

  1. Bullet    June 28th 2011

Congratulations to our 2010/2011 “Doc-lings” who became doctors today! We are VERY proud of you! 

  1. Bullet    June 28th 2011

Welcome to EDWARD - the Emergency Department & Welsh Ambulance Resource Development project. This is the first e-newsletter. If you’d a copy all of your own (because Linda hasn’t figured out yet how to put downloadable pdfs onto the website, basically) please email her by clicking here!

Incidentally, we did thinking of calling it “Bangor Emergency Department and Welsh Ambulance Resource Development Project”. But we thought “BEDWARD” sounded a bit, well, dodgy.

  1. Bullet    June 20th 2011

The new ED Hub (you know, like on Torchwood, duh!) is taking shape behind a polythene curtain that looks just like where the Cybermen came out of in the episode of Dr Who when the Daleks were sent back into the void... you know, the one where Rose and the Dr nearly kissed at the end on the beach and everyone cried?... We’ve got a bit of a thing for David Tennant (and John Barrowman - a loss to womankind) at YG. Well, the girls do. Not sure about the boys. Kim in the Clinical School has never forgiven David Tennant for regenerating into Matt Smith.