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  1. Bullet20th January 2012

Many congratulations to Felicity, the successful candidate for the GPST LAS post from Feb 2012-August 2012. We are really looking forward to working with you and hope you won’t find Bangor too wet and cold after your post-F2 travels to warmer climates!

  1. Bullet 12th January 2012

Fabulous meeting with Jason Williams of Welsh Ambulance today - he’s the Helimed boss - and our Clinical Fellows will be undertaking shifts with Helimed very soon. This is a very exciting development that will increase the appeal of our already-fabulous Clinical Fellow posts even further!

  1. Bullet 3rd Jan 2012

Welcome to our new Doc-lings: the last of the Cardiff Final-year SCPs for this academic year... Alice, Peter, Frankie & Seb and we couldn’t wish for a better bunch to round off the year!

Sadly we have had to reduce the number of SCP students we host for the 2012/13 academic year: we are carrying a vacant consultant post and giving students the support & input we are famous for is very time-consuming....  we just can’t maintain it at four students per block until we have more consultants available to share the workload.

The good news, though, is that with slightly fewer medical students we will have more capacity to host clinical placements for RAF winchmen and our WAST paramedic colleagues, which will be equally good fun.

  1. Bullet 1st January 2012

Happy New Year from Bangor Emergency Department.... may your 2012 be exciting, fulfilling, peaceful... and ideally free of any reason to visit to our ED as a patient! 

  1. Bullet Boxing Day 2011

No, the Consultant is not playing

some kind of 3-D twister with the

trainees. This is practical teaching

at the Hub. And if you think this

looks bad, last Sunday night there

were three docs practising it on a

resus trolley! So, as they say on

Facebook, “WTF”??!!!

It’s actually the latest trendy method

of reducing dislocated THRs,

introduced to the ED last weekend by

one of our registrars and now spreading rapidly

round the department... the “Captain Morgan” technique....

Incidently, Scott said he was too embarrassed for this photo to be seen

in public so we promised to cover his eyes up :-)

(nb - the reason he’s grasping his chest in a bizarre manner is because he was trying to cover up his name badge!)

  1. Bullet December 4th 2011

The new ED newsletter is out! Started in 2009, we usually try to produce it quarterly, but we’ve been so hectic during 2011 it just didn’t get done until now.

In fact, “BEDLESS for the whole of 2011” kind of sums it up!

If you’d like to receive a pdf copy of the whole newsletter by email, (5MB file) please email our ED secretary Eleri.

We can only send the Newsletter to or email accounts.

  1. Bullet  December 18th 2011

Another poster! ST5 in anaesthetics, Dr Lowri Bowen, was on attachment to YG last year and was a great friend of the ED, always a pleasure to work with, so we let her have access to the Mountain Medicine Database. Out of that she produced a very interesting analysis of the anaesthetic workload generated by mountain casualties from Snowdonia. It’s already been out as a Free Paper and is about to appear as a conference poster too...


Many thanks to Jason Williams

of WAST for the images of Helimed