The North Wales Prehospital Scene:

Gaining pace year on year


For many years, North Wales was a bit of a wasteland for doctors with an interest in Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM), but the past three years has seen a complete about turn. PHEM is now an integral part of the North Wales EM landscape and there are opportunities for doctors from middle grade upwards (and we are working on opportunities for juniors, too).

Welsh Emergency Medicine Retrieval & Transport Service (EMRTS)

Since 2015, the Welsh Government has funded consultant sessions on two of the Welsh Air Ambulance’s three helicopters (currently Swansea and Welshpool) to provide a daylight full-scope primary response and retrieval/transfer service for time critical patients.

Consultants who are RSI positive with suitable experience can be considered for selection to EMRTS with sessions as part of their job plan (typically 3 each week). We very much want to attract more EM consultants into EMRTS!

BASICS: the North Wales Emergency Doctor Scheme

NWEDS, the regional BASICS scheme, was started in 2010 by consultant anaesthetist Dr Suman Mitra. New recruits are welcome.

More generally, some individual members of the ED team are actively developing an interest in PHEM: be it going out with ambulances, teaching paramedics, or working with the RAF SAR helicopter.

The Bangor ED Clinical Fellow Scheme 

And then, separate to all this, there’s our popular designed-for-post-ACCS trainees wanting to take a year out after CT/ST3. PHEM is the most popular option, with 2 sessions a week (44 days a year for full-time post holders) spent undertaking PHEM and related activities, mainly in the form of shifts with Welsh Ambulance Services’ ambulances and RRVs, but also including shifts on the Caernarfon-based EMRTS aircraft (max 50% of PHEM shifts, and only open to 12-month PHEM Fellows).

All our Clinical Fellows benefit from enthusiastic, supportive consultants and have access to a whole range of CV enhancing opportunities, with  specific training on those bits of becoming an ED Middle Grade that everyone forgets to tell you when you start as an ST4... checking results, Observation Medicine, and seeing review patients. 



The ED Field Hospital staff @ Radio One Big Weekend, May 2010, pictured with a then-local resident... yes, it is who you think it is!