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2013 posters

999 Research Forum, Cardiff

28th feb 2013

SCP student Leila Bassir looked at issues around rurality and COPD for her final-year SCP in EM last year.

This poster took one aspect of this - the distance to hospital - and examined the NEWS scores of patients who had been admitted to exacerbations of COPD both on arrival of the ambulance to their home, and on arrival at the ED.

It’s already known that mortality from respiratory emergencies increases with longer distances travelled to hospital.... and we expected to find that patients’ NEWS scores increased over long journeys. But they didn’t.

Patients living a long way from hospital were sicker on arrival in the ED. But they were sicker to start with.

Mountain Medicine SCP student Julia Kramer, supported by ST4 Dr Ben Hall and WAST dispatcher Graham Owen, looked at whether Mountain users knew how to call for help correctly if MRT assistance is required (999>Police>ask for MRT)

Surprise, surprise, 95% didn’t have a clue.

Massive thanks to model Nina (our Academic F2!) and her photographer boyfriend Joss of Joss Images, for supplying the main shot, and Kath Wills of Active First Aid for the insert pic.

College of Emergency Medicine Conference

London, September 2013

2014 posters

Retrieval 2014, Glasgow 

Navigator 2014, Orlando, Florida 

Aaron Owen’s poster (above) is totally new - hence the Landscape orientation at request of conference organisers - but we are taking Julia Kramer’s pair of posters out again.

Congrats to Graham Owen who co-authored two of them, and former registrar Ben who co-authored one, as well as consultant Linda who underwrites the lot!

CEM 2014, Exeter - Sneak Preview