Specialty doctor (staff Grade) Posts


We have converted our former staff grade posts into 12-month Clinical Fellow posts, but for the right applicant, we would consider converting one back...

Looking for a Specialty Doctor (Staff Grade) post?

If you are an Emergency Medicine doctor looking for a permanent staff grade post, talk to us: although we’ve converted our former SAS posts into Clinical Fellow posts, we would consider converting one or more back if we had a applicant of sufficient quality who wanted to settle in Bangor and who intended to work towards Article 14 (with our support) or some other defined goal.

We are well aware of the value of substantive, experienced middle-grade colleagues, and could devise an attractive package including adequate CPD time for personal development. Applicants who wished to work less than full time would also be very welcome. 

However, we are won’t be advertising for Staff Grades in the forseeable future unless we are aware that there is a potential applicant..... hence it it vital you contact us in the first instance if you are interested in a staff grade post with us.


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