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Group Shots & snapshots! 

Almost all of the new doctors, August 2015...

And then almost all the Clinical Fellows - just missing Kim Hallam...

However, they are clearly going to be a handful, look what happened when we first asked them to line up (right)

Former City Girl Rio Talbot - now our ST6, but previously our ST4, Clinical Fellow, F2 and before that a Mountain Medicine Medical Student - is developing quite a thing for agricultural shows... she did medical cover at the Royal Welsh Show in July 2014, and here she is by the Sheep Pens at the 2013 Anglesey Show, a far cry from her usual self! (right)

Our August 2014 intake of Clinical Fellows, who joined our Feb-Feb CFs Jason and Dafydd...

meet (L to R) Andrew Muirhead-Smith, Nick Brazel and Andrew “Q” Quin.

And look what happens when they are issued with their PHEM kit? Yes, they can help but fiddle with the helmet...

Here’s Lee Thomas (left) a former F2 of ours who has been locumming in the ED prior to re-entering training, alongside new Clinical Fellow Jason Rigby (right) with his most lurid scrub outfit playing tangerine man...

And then clashing with consultant Linda in her foul shocking pink scrub top...

Boxing Day 2011:

Consultant Linda and Clinical Fellow Scott rehearse the “Captain Morgan” technique for reducing discloated THRs. On Boxing Day. At the hub.

Scott looking decidedly nervous about the position of Linda’s left foot!

One day in March 2014 we decided to hold a “Clashing Outfit” contest...

August 2011:

... and then the girls!

From 2005 until Rob’s arrival in 2008, Pauline and Linda were possibly the only all-female ED consultant team in the UK!

August 2011:

Three of the ED Senior Doctors, from left to right:

Dr Rob Perry, Dr Linda Dykes (on another pink day...) and Mr Khalid Arain.

January 2012:

Former Clinical Fellows Scott & Ben out playing with the RAF (honesty, they are... it’s not a model helicopter behind!)

Autumn 2015

We love our cardboard cut-outs!

Then it’s time for orange next to dark green... Jason once again this time with our great friend Martin Seaward (Seaweed), one of the RAF Valley Radops and mega medic enthusiast!

July 2016

This is Mo. Hugging a fire extinguisher. We have no idea why!

March 2013: Academic F2 Mark Ponsford and consultant Linda up on a freezing, wildly windy helipad behind the hospital! 

August 2012: Honorary Clinical Fellow (and GP) the late Dr Rimon Than, Academic F2 Nina, F2 Katie and James Hunter, who has returned to EM after several years in medicine!

August 2011: This was our very first Gallery Picture! 2011/12 Clinical fellow Bethan pictured with Farbod (our then-ACCS trainee) and Sidd... modelling a range of blue-tinted scrub tops!

August 2011:

Three of the boys: Dr Gareth Janes (then an F2) with Rob Perry and Khalid Arain... what’s with the varying arms poses, boys?

The new docs, August 2014 (rounded by our then-ST4 Dr Rio Talbot, seen here far right!) - after three years of scrabbling round trying to round up the new docs one-by-one over the autumn, we suddenly hit on the genius idea of herding them all to the Helipad during induction! 

Sister Silvana’s leaving do!

The 2012/13 Clinical Fellows’ Leaving Do. Alcohol may have been consumed!

August 2016

The new Fellows were hardly through the door before we used them on a flyer!


The Class of August 2016

Left: lining up for mugshots on a very windy Helipad!

Below: the welcome BBQ - photo with the Heli between courses at the fabulous Caffi HEMS at Caernarfon Airport

February 2017

Visit from the Welsh Health Minister - announcing our £14m ED rebuild. We’re a bit pleased!