Bangor ED on the telly....


Helicopter Rescue

Local TV production company Cwmni Da spent the winter of 2011/12 (series one) and autumn of 2012 filming for series two of TV series “Helicopter Rescue”: they had a camera-man embedded with RAF Valley and RAF Chivoner Sea King helicopter crews, and followed casualties from rescue to hospital.

The vast majority of mountain casualties arriving with a cameraman on the aircraft have been more than happy to talk to the camera crew, and it’s actually being a lot of fun - quite a few staff were apprehensive initially but the crew have now been with us for several weeks and everyone’s a lot more relaxed!

The first series aired in three episodes from mid-February 2012 on BBC One Wales, before going out on BBC1 nationally later in Spring. Series One did contain a few glimpses of our ED, but sadly the interviews with some of our nursing and medical staff never made it to the screen: we didn’t know whether to be relieved or pleased!

However, Series 2 (shown on BBC1 Wales in early 2013) had more of an emphasis on the work between the RAF and other agencies - including ourselves at YG. One of our ED consultants, Linda Dykes, popped up almost as much as Prince William and we are all still laughing at the cruel televisation of her failed attempt to jump into the back of the helicopter.... the programme transferred to BBC1 (UK) on 10th/17th June 2013, completely re-cut from the 4 x 30 minute programmes seen on BBC Wales. The bits about our ED were in the second episode of the nationwide version.

The DVD of Helicopter Rescue was released in early 2014... our consultant Linda (who admitted on camera to vomiting whilst out flying. Right after Prince William’s first big interview. And then made herself laughing stock of the nation failing to vault into the helicopter...) admits to feeling somewhat  apprehensive what might be in the “extra footage” promised on the DVD!

You can buy the DVD on - click here

We’ve joined the illustrious heights of a modern British ED......

taking part in “fly on the wall” documentaries



Cwmni Da also screened a documentary about YG in 2012 - “Ysbyty” (apparently YG featured in one of the very first hospital “fly on the wall” programmes in the 1980s and there

was a little bit of our ED in that too) but unfortunately the programme has now expired on the web TV option.

Helicopter Heroes

Finally, ITV have camera crews with “Helicopter Heroes” and sometimes come into the ED.

However, all this is the reason why we have a bit in the Person Specification for our clinical fellow posts - “must be willing to engage with the media if required” - yes, it’s so we can make our clinical fellows appear on TV even if all other members of staff scarper! :-)

Watching them, watching us.....

Producer Beca and cameraman hanging out in the ED one evening. We didn’t deliberately pose them in front of the loo - it was just better lighting there!!! But we did ensure a couple of our posters were in the background!

As trailed on the DVD!